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We are a scientifically driven sports performance center with a mission of making a difference in your life. By utilizing cutting edge technology, and professional coaching, we provide you with a comprehensive program to address your unique needs and create an unparalleled experience. We welcome members of all ages, skill levels, and abilities. Whether your goal is to achieve weight loss, increase strength, or improve as an athlete, we have a caring, dedicated, and credentialed team that will assist you every step of the way.

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Why Method?

Method Sports Performance is making a difference.

Method Sports Performance utilizes a metabolic analysis and a graded exercise test to determine your individual training parameters to optimize performance, minimize overtraining and reduce the potential for injury. While the science is a game changer, our CRA-Test® is only one aspect of your journey at Method Sports Performance.

Human Performance Lab

Method Sports Performance provides programming customized on each member's metabolic fingerprint. Your individual program prescription is based on your goals, abilities, limitations and the results of a movement evaluation including cellular respiration analytics testing.

In our Human Performance Lab, you will experience the scientific testing that is utilized by professional athletes. The results of your assessment process are used to create individualized and quantifiable parameters, that are tracked to optimize performance and monitor outcomes. Method Sports Performance is more than a training facility and it has the power to transform the way you train. For more information about cellular respiration analytics CRA-Test® visit

Youth Performance and Team Training

Whether the goal is to make the team or take your game to the next level, Method Sports Performance has the answers for you. Our highly credentialed staff can help you reach your peak athletic potential through unmatched programming for you, your team or for any athlete in your family. Our youth performance model is based on the signature Performance Training of the Parisi Speed School.

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